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Finally I get to post some travel content onto my blog! It’s been a long time coming especially after the last couple of years we’ve all had!

Before I get into anything about my UK break: you will not believe how much of a doughnut I was recently. This entire year I was so adamant that I’d be going abroad on holiday, to the point that I had booked off a week and was almost booking a holiday to Mallorca - only to come to the realisation that my passport was due for renewal! I was so GUTTED, I can’t tell you the different amount of emotions I felt; I literally just laughed at myself (although I could have done with a big cry)!

Despite the terrible news after my realisation, I still had this week of annual leave where I needed to book something. Let’s face it, I’m not one to sit around and do nothing but equally I didn’t wait this long to not do anything during this week that I had booked off. I’d only ever booked city breaks in the UK and I’m blessed in a way that this event gave me the opportunity to explore a different side to the country I live in. All I have to say is, that it is beautiful and totally worth it!

I‘ve had so many messages on my socials regarding the location and I thought what’s a better way to share than posting an accessible piece of information on my blog! So here’s what most of you have been waiting for, the details of the place I visited recently:

Location: Tintagel, Cornwall

Drive: Approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes from Birmingham

Hotel: Camelot Castle

How beautiful is that view? This photo was taken in the back garden of Camelot Castle, the views are honestly breath taking and I would totally go back. Here’s my itinerary for what I did during my time in Tintagel:

  • Took regular walks along the coastal paths

  • Explores the local village/town centre

  • Visited Tintagel Castle and its ruins

  • Saw Merlins Cave

  • Visited St Nectans Glens waterfall

Any time that I had in the evenings, after a long day I took the time to either sit in the gardens watching the sunset whilst reading a book with a vino or just enjoying my views and taking in what the world has to offer with a Berry tea - which by the way was delicious!

Here are a few more photos from my stay in Tintagel:

The famous exit leading down to Merlins Cave! This photo had to be taken!
Another must have photo!

St Nectans Glens Waterfall was one of the highlights of my trip to Tintagel. The reason being, because I've never felt so ground in my life. Honestly, when I say the feeling was overwhelming but in the most beautiful way; I mean exactly that.

The location is so beautiful and genuinely breath-taking! I would highly recommend visiting the location, if you're ever in and around the area.

Here's a little snapshot of what was so mesmerising...

If you haven't done a UK break yet, I would highly suggest getting one booked especially down South as you will not be disappointed.

I will definitely be returning to Cornwall!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I'll hopefully see you on my next trip!


Taran x

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