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Quarantine VLOG - WEEK 5

I want to start off this post by wishing you and your loved ones well. I hope you’re all safe...

Make the most of the time you have with your family whilst you can, especially during a difficult and testing time like this.

Instead of posting around beauty/skincare, I thought I’d make todays blog post a little different. Something that we can all relate to, living life in quarantine.

I took the time to VLOG what a now typical day is in my life and has been for the past five weeks. What shocks me, is that this is reality right now, what it has been for a while and will be for the foreseeable.

I’ve not recorded or filmed what I’ve done during my day to day routine for the last five weeks but I decided to film one day as it’s all pretty much repetitive...

We are all going through the same thing right now, so its important we talk to one another, share our emotions and also be a support function for each-other too.

Here’s what one day out of many looked like for me, remember everyday is different.

We all have good days and bad days, the key thing is to stay positive and to embrace life as it comes as a blessing... Here's my quarantine VLOG:

Hope you enjoyed it, stay safe and stay at home!


Taran x

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