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Lockdown loves

Let’s face it, lockdown 1.0 was hard enough and I’m sure it was a challenge for a lot of us. With this said, I think many people (including myself) were able to take that time to find themselves and better their lifestyle in some way be it with exercise or developing a new hobby.

I hate to say it but although lockdown was daunting and mentally exhausting, some good did come from it. Personally, I picked up cooking, spending more time running making time for my mental health and spending time with my family. Creating memories to pop into our old school photo albums...

I wanted to get back into the swing of things and start posting on my blog again, so why not start with a lockdown post which is relatable to everyone right now.

I’ve really had a think about what I can do practically during lockdown 2.0 especially with this cold weather and here’s my plan:


Being at home all of the time can become quite overwhelming, I don't know about you but I like having structure to my day so not being able to go to the office for work is a big part of my routine that gets taken away from me. To help me keep to a routine, I plan on trying to go for a 30 minute walk at the very least everyday to get me some fresh air and me time...


Have a little look around your home, see if there are small projects around that you've never gotten around to finishing or starting. Last lockdown, I upcycled my furniture and de-cluttered my room, I've still got my wardrobe to upcycle so there's a project for me to complete. There's always something that need's doing which get's put off, so get your DIY cap on and get cracking!


During the last lockdown, I really wasn't a person to cook or bake but let me tell you, I make a mean lemon loaf and it's all down to getting myself in the kitchen during lockdown! If cooking isn't for you, there's always something else you could pick up and if you physically cannot do it then pick up a book and start reading!


It doesn't matter who you are or what gender you are, a pamper session is always something that helps lift your spirits and helps make you feel good when you're a little down in the dumps... Get yourself a face mask, glass of vino and run yourself a nice bath! I know I'll be doing that, I've already stocked up on my LUSH bath bombs!


I think this is probably the final thing I want to mention, keep in touch with your friends and family virtually. Even if it's organising a quiz via Zoom or just a short call, make time for it because they may need it more than you. Lockdown is a devil in that sense, COVID is too. We're unable to have that contact where we show love to our friends and family so be sure to check in with each-other.

I know after reading most of these things, you may think to yourself 'actually I already knew this'; that's ok. I wanted to remind you that you're not the only person going through the up's and down's of what we're all experiencing around the world.

I'm just here to remind you, you're not alone and we're all in this together. So as always;

Keep striving and keep smiling, we'll get through this :)

Lots of love,

Taran x

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