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Different Ways to Use Kayéluxe Silk Lashes!

Photo credit: @sophiemaykup

Drama or natural - we have your back, check out our two favourite tips on how to make great use of your Kayéluxe silk lashes!


This has got to be the best way to make use of your lashes, due to the flexibility and material of our lashes - you are very easily able to double stack and create a bespoke lash for your ultimate make-up look!

We've listed our favourite lash combinations to double stack below:

- Signature (applied first)

- Flirt (applied on top of Signature)

- Flirt (applied first)

- Sultress (applied on top of Flirt)

You can even double stack our natural lashes if you want a more fuller lash rather than dramatic!

- Allure (applied first)

- Flirt (applied on top of Allure)


Another great tip is to cut at your lashes, we know - you must be thinking why would I cut my lashes! Firstly for any lash to sit perfectly on your eyes, you should be cutting them to size, This is an essential in lash application!

Secondly this is one of our favourite ways to create a bespoke lash! All you need to do is pick your two favourite pairs from our Signature Collection, cut the section of the lash you wish to add to the desired one and viola! You have your own bespoke Kayéluxe lash design!

Check out our favourite combos to snip at below:

- Signature as the desired lash you want to vamp

- Flirt cut the lash into two sections and over-lap the two pieces at the end of the lash band on Signature

- Allure as the desire lash you want to vamp

- A Lister cut the lash into two sections, take the front part of the lash and stack it on on top of Allure

If you like these tips and try them out, be sure to tag us on Instagram @kayeluxe - we can't wait to see you rocking those lashes!


Team Kayéluxe xo

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