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Hi all,

Following on from my black Friday haul I thought why not film me trying out a couple of the products I purchased for the first time... What's a better way to do it than, another first impressions video!?

So here it goes, click the play button to see my reaction to using the Nars tinted moisturiser and Huda Beauty melted shadows for the first time!...

My overall thoughts on the products are pretty evident in the video. I mean if you know me personally then you'll know that I love a full coverage base, so this particular tinted moisturiser was OK but not the best for what I wanted.

I know I did say I wanted something a little more natural and this product is more on the natural side, but it is quite pigmented so the colour match wasn't amazing for me. With this said, once I had buffed the product into my skin using my stippling brush it did look much better.

I did also test the tinted moisturiser for a full day so it was applied at 7:00am and I cleansed my face at around 21:00pm. I found during the morning, the moisturiser was definitely there with the coverage however gradually throughout the day, the product did slip off in certain areas leaving them oily.

The product had slipped off my face around my nose and chin area, but was still OK on the rest of my face. My t-zone is quite oily so I don't think the product worked well for this reason, however I will give it another go and try setting my t-zone with powder to see if this works or maybe even try priming it with a matte primer too.

The Huda Beauty melted shadow was a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting the shadow to be so pigmented as well as easily blend-able. I did purchase this product in a few different colours and there's no doubt I'll be purchasing more in the future. As I have quite a busy schedule, I think these will definitely be a good beauty staple in my personal kit for when I'm on the go or travelling!!

If you've tried these products out, I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time...


Taran x

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