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Bee Sting Facial | Beauty Treatments with Taran

When we all get to our mid 20s, most of us start thinking about skin care a little more or we start thinking about different ways we can help delay the skin aging process (I know I definitely think about this).

I came across a deal for a 'Bee Sting Facial' at Heaven Skincare based in Harvey Nichols Birmingham, initially I was a little skeptical about the facial and what it involved but I decided to give it a go. The deal which I had come across was advertised on Groupon but that's another experience which I will not talk about in this post, however in a nutshell due to the confusion and not so great customer service Heaven Skincare kindly offered me the treatment which I had initially paid for as a complimentary gift with a refund.

So over to the interesting stuff, here's a little bit about the natural skin aging process (something you may find a little useful):

Our skin is made of different layers, the epidermis which is the first layer of our skin and the dermis which is the deeper and second layer of our skin.

The epidermis is the most superficial layer, reason being it essentially acts as a natural barrier against all harmful substances in the air such as pollution, UV rays and dirt etc. This layer also helps with the healing of any injuries too and with natural time, it's inevitable the cells will slowly start to work less effectively or grow properly.

Along with this, the natural collagen fibres in our skin starts to lessen meaning skin regeneration is a slower process resulting in a dull complexion and uneven skin-tone.

The skin aging process is really interesting and there are a fair few different articles/posts that you can have a read on in your own time which have been written by Dermatologists or skin Dr's.

Some of the tips I've come across on how to delay the skin aging process naturally have suggested the following:

Wear a moisturiser which contains SPF everyday - build this into your daily routine in rain or sun - it's kind of like brushing your teeth!

Don't smoke - smoking as a whole isn't great for your body but in your skin it helps to breakdown your natural collagen much quicker and prevents your blood vessels from carrying oxygen as well as nutrients to your skin!

Avoid too much alcohol - Excessively drinking doesn't help with your skin aging process! A glass of vino with your friend once in a while isn't too bad but if you're excessively drinking then you may end up with broken blood vessels and dehydration.

Use retinoids or retinols - Retinoids are prescription face medications such as Retin-A, Renova or Tazorac which help skin look younger and Retinols are a weaker form which are sold over the counter without prescription. A lot of skincare products offer retinol based serums which contain an over the counter weaker form of a retinoid called Tretinoin.

Consider antioxidants and peptides - A basic skincare routine from your early twenties can be considered an anti-aging strategy (washing with a gentle cleanser and using a moisturiser at night with a retinol/retinoid if needed). Some serums which contain peptides and antioxidants such as grape seed extract, green tea and vitamin A/C and E are also recommended for a natural approach. If you use skin products with antioxidants it is recommended you apply them in the morning followed by an SPF moisturiser as both products work together to protect the skin from additional damage!

Anyway, moving onto the reason why this post was created! Check out my VLOG on the Bee Sting Facial I received at Heaven Skincare (Harvey Nichols Birmingham):


I'm by no means a Dr or skin specialist but I do know a little following previous beauty training which I've completed alongside additional reading which I've completed in my own time, so don't take everything in this post as a holy grail.

Take your time to do your own research or even book in with a Dermatologist if you have any concern regarding your skin, always seek professional advice and find what works for you!

After watching my VLOG, what are your thoughts on the Bee Sting Facial? Would you give it a go?

Comment below and don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven't already!

Until next time...


Taran x

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