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Hello Hair | Product Review

Beautiful locks are the key to completing every possible look, as said in old traditional Indian sayings 'a woman's beauty is her hair!'

Hello Hair were kind enough to send me a package full of beautiful goodies! The package contained their hydrating conditioner and shampoo, hair towel/wrap and a few hair masks. Check out the links below for the products shown in the photo below:

I have been using these products over a course of six months and the results from the shampoo and conditioner have been amazing! If you know me personally or have ever spent a day or two with me, you'll know that I suffer from a dry scalp or as some people say DANDRUFF!

Dandruff has probably been one of the things I have struggled to tackle over the last couple of years. I've tried oil remedies, hair serum and even medicated shampoo such as T-Gel.

Hello Hair's natural hydrating shampoo by far has been the only product which has kept my hair soft, helped my dry scalp and not left it with an unpleasant smell (as most medicated shampoo's do). Alongside this, it has also been amazing as it's seriously helped my hair not be so frizzy in the terrible weather we've recently had in the UK!! Again, if you know my hair type then you're fully aware it becomes a lions mane as soon as it touches humidity. My hair not being frizzy in this crazy weather was the icing on the cake!

The Hello Hair shampoo and conditioner have become a staple in my hair cleansing routine. Every wash feels soft and tangle-free, it makes my hair feel super silky and healthy!

Alongside the shampoo and conditioner, the hydrating hair mask is also a great new addition to my hair care. If I'm completely honest, before discovering Hello Hair, I didn't have a hair care routine in place and I never thought about giving my hair any type of hydrating treatments. The most I had ever done to look after my hair, was apply some Label M keratin hair serum because a hair stylist told me to.

The hair masks are super nourishing and contain all the oils required to prevent dryness and any hair breakage. I love the way these are packaged simply due to the fact that they're so easy to use and apply!

Here's a short Instagram clip of me applying the hair mask:

I'm pretty sure you'd have gathered by now that I'm a fan of these hair products. With this said, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you about the final product which I'm absolutely in love with! The Hello Hair, hair towel!! It's incredible, now I've got to say I had no idea these things existed, so when I was sent mine I was absolutely loving life!

I've used my towel wrap from the day it was delivered to me and it is the most favourite item I now own! I absolutely love it, it's so easy to use and my hair doesn't pull as it would with a normal towel. Plus it keeps all of my wet hair tucked away! When you have long hair, finding a towel which fits it all in, is annoying - if you know then you know.

Seriously, if you don't own a towel wrap then I suggest you click on the link above and get yourself that good stuff. It'll be the BEST BUY ever!

Overall, I'm super impressed with these hair products and I'm quite picky to say the least. If you haven't tried them, then I would highly recommend doing so, simply off the back of my experience. I have super dry and brittle hair and these products really do deliver the results they claim to!


This items mentioned in this post were kindly sent to me by Hello Hair to review. I only post positive reviews of products I genuinely enjoy and wish to share with you all!


Taran x

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