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Tutorial: How I Wax My Face

EVERYONE who know's me personally, know that I wax my face. This is a beauty must do on my list every two-three weeks. A lot of people ask me WHAT? WHY? Well, firstly if you are Asian, Indian or someone who has peach fuzz on their face, you know the struggles of life!

It is impossible to make those little facial hairs disappear when you apply make-up! If anything, the make-up makes them stand out more. I have many people, from friends and family to beauty clients who ask me the same common question on how I do this on my own, and what I use etc, so here is a tutorial on how I wax my face:


- Delsera pre-treatment oil

- Salon System after-wax soothing gel

- Orange woodstick (small/big)

- JustWax creme wax - Lavender

I hope this video helps!


Taran x

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