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Current skincare faves!

The key to beautiful make-up is beautiful skin ...

Every one of us love a flawless base, that is the ultimate goal when applying our make-up. One fact or key of achieving this flawless base is often ignored or simply left unsought by many women.

As a professional make-up artist, I am always informing bridal clients to take care of their skin up to the running of their big day. Why? If you have clear skin, with no spots or bumps, end result will be in a flawless make-up application meaning a flawless look. However if you have spots etc, there is only so much make-up can cover up and create illusion for.

I have recently been loving, the following skincare products:

  • JorgObé peel off mask (£22, Selfridges)

  • GlamGlow youth mud mask (£39.99, LookFantastic)

  • Nip+Fab dragons blood Hyaluronic shot (£12.45, Superdrug)

  • Tarte cosmetics Maracuja oil (£40, QVC UK)

  • Daniel Sandler waterbrush (£12.40, FeelUnique)

JorgObé peel off mask:

This peel off mask, is so far one of my favourite pore cleansing masks I have ever purchased! The texture of my nose has always been a skincare issue for me. My pores are quite visible especially when I apply make-up to this area. This mask really helps to extract any excess oils, dirt and sebum which is in your skin! Truly a must have, I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to get rid of those little white/black heads!

GlamGlow youth mud mask:

This mask is a handy skincare product for those who like gentle exfoliants for the skin. When applied, the mask dries into the clay texture that it is whilst giving a tingling feeling. If you feel this sensation, don't panic as this is the mask working its magic! It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clear!

Nip+Fab dragons blood Hyaluronic shot:

Nip+Fab's Hyaluronic shot is a heavens send for those with dry skin! If you do not have this product as part of your skincare regime, it is a must which you should add after reading this post! As someone who personally suffers from dry skin around the nose and mouth area and sometimes the eye area; this product has been the ultimate skin saver! Two drops from the pipette moisturise the entire face! Apply this as a treatment to your skin over night, and feel the results the next morning! AMAZING!

Tarte cosmetics Maracuja oil:

Again, another skincare must have - this product is one of my all time faves! I have always used this oil around my eye are anytime where I have ever felt my dry skin is getting the best of me. This product is definitely recommended for individuals who suffer from dry skin. It is practically a skin drink!

Daniel Sandler waterbrush:

I received this brush as part of a product package which I purchased a few years go from Daniel Sandlers website. It is a great travel sized brush and perfect for applying liquid make-up products as well as face masks or any other kind of skincare! Must have in the skin care box if you have one!

Hope this post helped some of you beauties out there!


Taran x

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