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Hair-O healthy hair oil

A woman's beauty is usually associated with her lovely long locks, so why not look after our hair whilst we can? Yes, every once in a while we do like to treat ourselves to a new hair cut and style, maybe even a colour - but when we do these fashion trends, we can damage our hair in the process!

Apply hair oil is probably, is one of the most common and well known beauty/hair hacks around! Although. this is the case many of us ignore it and let our hair become dry and brittle to the point it begins to break! The HairO UK team, were kind enough to send forward a product for me to sample and try out. Initially they had asked what my hair type and condition was like; dry, split ends and falling out!

So they recommended their most suited product for my hair type and condition which was the healthy hair oil. It has a lovely combination of organic hair oils with Olive oil and Tea Tree oil which helps to nourish the scalp, make the hair stronger and conditions it too.

REVIEW: I applied the hair oil, a couple of times before getting into the shower; I left the hair oil in for 20 minutes to half an hour. After washing the hair oil out of my hair, I continued with the usual hair products I apply before styling my hair with either my hair-dryer or straighteners. I noticed, my hair has instantly felt a lot smoother than usual, as also looked shinier and healthier. How did I know it worked? I received compliments on the way my hair looked and felt as soon as I had began my shift at work, so this hair oil must be amazing right?! Not only did I see genuine real results, along with the sweet compliments, my hair smelt AMAZING! This product smells absolutely gorgeous, which makes it much more appealing and pleasant to apply compared to other hair oils on the market. This is most definitely a new addition to my current haircare routine, and will definitely be in it's place to stay! I must say, this brand is definitely something to watch out for - if you do not own a product by them I highly recommend it if you wish to get your hair some TLC.

As the slogan says 'you O it to your hair!'

Hope you enjoyed this post! Love,

Taran x

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