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Favourite highlighters

Hi beauties!

So on my Instagram recently a few of you have been asking me what my favourite highlighters are and what better way to tell you: let's blog it!

In this post I have included my favourite high-end and drug store highlighters! That way there is something for you, if you do not like to splash on one small product .. (Not all of us are as crazy as me)

So I put together these five beauties just because I thought it would be great to have a few dupes in this post too; especially for Mac soft and gentle & gold deposit just to name a few! Lets get started!

Product list:

(Left to right)

Milani cosmetics - Bellissimo Bronze

Mac cosmetics - Soft and gentle

Make-up Revolution vivid baked hightlighter - Peach lights

Nars - Albatross

MeMeMe Irridescent complexion illuminator - Sunbeam

Milani cosmetics - Bellissimo Bronze (Baked blush) DUPE ALERT!

OK so I will admit to something before I start here, I sort of cheated with this product because it is actually a baked blush but the sparkle in it could pass off as a beautiful dupe for Mac cosmetics highlighter in 'Gold deposit'. It is absolutely gorgeous on the skin, and I must say it is a go to product for you girls who love a bronzed look!

Mac cosmetics - Soft and gentle (Mineralise skin finish)

EVERY woman out there is familiar with this highlighter, if you do not own it then you must have most definitely heard of it! The classic, nude natural looking highlighter perfect for your subtle and dramatic looks! You cannot go wrong! Love LOVE love this highlighter, it is a must in my kit!

Make-up Revolution - Peach lights (Vivid baked highlighter) DUPE ALERT!

This is a great dupe for Mac cosmetics highlighter in 'Soft and gentle'. Although the name is 'Peach lights' the product itself has a slight pink undertone to it, apart from that it is a great cheaper alternative to the Mac mineralise skin finish! A go to most definitely if you are just starting out or want a highlight that is not too pigmented!

Nars - Albatross DUPE ALERT!

I LOVE this highlight, simply because of its beautiful rich golden tone! It is a pressed highlight so it is not baked as the other products, and the colour is white but do not let that put you off! Once this product has been brushed onto the skin it leaves no colour, but reflects off the most beautiful golden sheen ever! It is most definitely a must! An amazing dupe for this product is the Make-up Revolution vivid baked hightlighter in 'Golden lights'.

MeMeMe Irridescent complexion illuminator - Sunbeam DUPE ALERT!

This was the VERY first highlighter I had ever purchased, I still swear by this product and always have it present in my kit if I ever feel as though there is not enough highlight or dewy finish to the skin. The reason why I picked this illuminator is because this product is very versatile; you can mix a little with the foundation or even just place a few dots on the cheek bones and blend! Due to the liquid consistency it is great to blend out and does not look harsh once applied. I definitely recommend this product to all my fellow make-up artists just because it is a great little back up to place in your kits!

This post was requested by a few of my lovely followers on Instagram and a few of my clients, I hope this post has been helpful! If you have any requests please do leave a comment below or leave a comment on my Instagram!

Instagram: @makeupbytarank


Taran x

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