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Contour products - powder vs cream

Hi beauts,

Contouring has been in trend since Kim K released her selfie showing her highlighting and contouring on social media. Ever since then, contouring has become a craze!

Not a lot of people know that contouring has been around for many years as part ofcorrective make-up. This make-up technique has been mastered by professionals over the years, to find that different styles of corrective make-up suit each individual face shape differently!! But we will not go into much detail about that in this post, if you would like me to do a detailed post on how to contour different face shapes then leave a comment below!

This post will be about the different types of contouring products out there in the market, as the title states: powder vs cream contour!

So I have put together my most used cream and powder products that are my holy grailfor contouring.

Product list:

Tom Ford shade and illuminate palette (01 intensity one)

Mac cosmetics pro concealer palette (medium/dark)

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette (not sure which shade)

Sleek cosmetics contour palette (medium/dark)

Tom Ford shade and illuminate

This is my favourite contour product out of the products listed! I am more of a cream contour person, just because I feel as though cream contouring gives a more subtle and natural shadow where applied. This product blends in so seamlessly, it really looks great once applied, the highlight is quite something in itself too! It has no shimmer but is still a natural looking highlight - seriously cannot go wrong with this product!

Mac cosmetics pro concealer palette

I have not always been a fan on mac concealer - especially if it is studio fix! But this palette really did change my mind, I use the darkest concealer in the palette to shade in the hollows of my cheekbones, I also use this to contour my nose and it works a treat (usually I am never happy with contouring on my nose!). Not only that, the corrector in the palette mixed with the lightest concealer makes a great highlight too!

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette

I am pretty obsessed with this powder palette, the shade fawn is actually my favourite colour to contour with! It is a lovely soft brown colour, which gives the illusion of a natural contour! Great for someone who wishes for a light subtle definition on the cheekbone area, the shade banana is a great pressed powder to set your under eye concealer with too as it uplifts the colour enhancing the highlight!

Sleek cosmetics contour palette CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE!

Sleek's contour palette is the most affordable product mentioned in the list as it is a cheap dupe for all these high end make-up products. This has got to be the drug store God send for contouring because the pigment pay from this palette is superb! If I am travelling this is most definitely my go to palette as it had the highlight which is a lovely dupe for soft and gentle by Mac! And a beautiful bronze blush to give you that sun kissed glow! You really cannot go wrong with this beauty buy!

Now, with my personal experience using these products, I must say I prefer neither over each other as both powder and cream products work well for contouring but I actually prefer cream contouring, then setting it with powder contouring to emphasise the definition on my contour. What is your preferred contouring technique?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Taran x

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