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Superdrug facial buffing sponge

Hi beauts,

Hope you are all good and well, today's post will be about a lovely new and affordable addition to my current skincare regime. The facial buffing sponge by Superdrug!

If you know me, then you will know that I tend to search for the perfect way to cleanse and polish my skin, I have seen the Clarisonic and really want it however the price is quite something in itself! So I though let's see what I can find at a reasonable price before I splash the cash!

The facial buffing sponge by Superdrug really is something great to have in your daily skincare routine. It gently removes dry skin and deeply cleanses the skin on the surface of your face as well as your pores beautifully too! I find that it most definitely polishes off my nose very nicely too (and the pores on and around my nose are something I am quite conscious about).

The sponge has a slight harsh texture to its surface to carry out the cleansing and gentle ex-foliation using your daily face wash and cleanser however if you feel like you are in the mood for a deep and thorough ex-foliating cleanse then you can also use this with a facial scrub!

This of course will be slightly harsher on the skin, so try to limit the use of both to a minimum to avoid irritation or redness on the skin. In my opinion this little beaut of a sponge is a must have in your skincare routine and to top it all off it only retails at £1.99! I mean what more could you ask for right?

Definitely recommended for those who also suffer from acne, this little addition to your regime will help you keep your pores clean from all that dirt and bacteria helping to improve your skin!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Taran x

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